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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr


"Déjà Vu"
Total Recall #3 (Dynamite Entertainment)
Written by Vince Moore
Art by Cezar Razek

The original Martians take a hand in the game and an old enemy returns.


Story Summary


The activation of the second ancient machine on Mars has brought about the growth of vegetation on the planet and begun a communication with the beings who once lived on it.


Meanwhile, fighting between the resistance and the Martian Army resumes and Milos and Vila have disagreements on how to proceed. While this is going on, Quaid encounters Richter, who has survived their earlier battle in Total Recall, now sporting a pair of mechanical arms. And Q'd activates the third machine.




Didja Notice?


This issue reveals that the activation of the second ancient machine on Mars has brought about the growth of vegetation on the planet. Presumably the vegetation will "keep the air on Mars", if it's like that of vegetation on Earth, which breathes in carbon dioxide and emits oxygen.


Speaking to Vila on page 4, Milos implies that not only did their father, Vilos Cohaagen, rule Mars before them, his father before him also did so.


On page 14, the returned Richter slams Quaid to the ground and remarks, "Looks like I finally made it to the party, Quaid!" This is a reference back to Total Recall, when Quaid has been forcibly strapped into the memory chair to have his Hauser identity restored and Richter tells him "See you at the party," which Cohaagen has scheduled for later that night.


The returned Richter seems to think the mutant Q'd not only has a name similar to Quaid, but that he looks like him as well. This is not readily apparent in the artwork.


On page 16, Richter implies that the Agency has identified Melina as an undercover agent of the Southern Bloc and she confirms it to Quaid on page 18.


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